Be the Change Grant Application

Purpose: The Be the Change Grants were designed to encourage students to re-imagine Northwestern through campus beautification, projects, community building, and creativity.  Funding is awarded based on a proposal’s ability to improve the Northwestern experience in exciting and innovative ways.

Potential projects should add to the overall creativity of campus.  Projects may include but are not limited to physical changes to campus, educating and engaging the community, celebrating a cause, planting of greenery, or other vegetation, landscaping, lighting enhancements, mural painting, throwing a benefit event, etc.

Eligibility: Any recognized student group at NU is eligible to apply for a Be the Change Grant. Grants are offered to groups or individuals that demonstrate a commitment to the beautification of the Northwestern community.


Applicants may apply for awards up $1,000, at the request of the applicants and discretion of the grant committee.

The beautification project must be on Northwestern University property and approved by the appropriate university department.

The proposal should include:

Please note:

  • A final written report updating the committee of the success of the project is required within one month from the receipt of the grant and an additional report one month from the completion of the project.
  • Groups applying for Be the Change funding must be recognized by one of the approved student organization recognizing bodies.
  • If a satellite or affiliate group would like to apply for Be the Change funding the “recognizing” organization must also sign the application.
  • Applicant(s) are fully responsible for completing the beautification project. Applicants who fail to complete their project within 90 days of estimated completion date may be required to return the grant with interest.
  • Food and prize items cannot be purchased with Be the Change grant monies.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.